Forget what you think you know.


Communication evolves with every generation, and as the largest generation to date steps into their role as trendsetters leading social and cultural change, with more economic power than ever before, brands need to understand their influence or risk being left behind.

Generation Twitch: Leading Culture Change


In this data-backed report, we introduce Generation Twitch, an audience spanning Millennials, Gen Z and Gen Alpha, who are all under the influence of the emerging social codes of Gen Z.

We reveal what matters to these meme masters, their values and social behaviours, how they communicate and their expectations of brands.

1. Gen Z is important

Large, culturally and financially powerful, they are influential and lead cultural change.

2. You need to speak their language

Approaching emerging audiences in the same way you spoke to Millennials won’t work.

3. Join them where they are

Immersive, live, digital environments are their playgrounds.

Download Generation Twitch: Leading Culture Change to understand how to capture the attention of the most powerful generation yet, and contact your Twitch sales rep for the full presentation.

Stay relevant.
Get the report.

Stay relevant.
Get the report.